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The Most Romantic Thing You Can Add to Your Bedroom Right Now......

You can start by adding a portable mirror, Mirrors enhance romance by adding another element of intrigue for couples willing to stand naked together in the mirror,“When you’re looking at your partner naked, holding each other, in a mirror, you get to see their body in a different light.”

By simply being intimate in front of, or near, a mirror couples will add a new level of sensory stimulation to sex or intimacy with their partner. “We don’t always get to see exactly how we respond to different touches or gestures from our partners,”. “We feel it, but we don’t get to see our reaction and our partner’s physical reaction while touching, kissing or caressing. Getting to see each other’s full body reactions is very sexy.”

If you already have mirrored closet door or a bedroom wall mirror, you are already halfway there, “All you need to do now is get in front of it the next time you are spending intimate time with your partner.”

You can splurge on a portable freestanding  mirror to double as decor. “If you want, it can just be your ‘sex mirror’ and be used like any other prop or pleasure product.

And just like that, your bedroom just got way sexier. You’re welcome. 

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