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Andrea Bowen Founder

Mirrors are my ultimate obsession! They're like magic wands that can turn any dull corner into a bright and breezy space. I'm head-over-heels in love with how they play with light and add that extra oomph!

Mirrors are one of the most versatile pieces of home decor you can use to completely transform any room in your home. If you're stumped on ideas on how to add character to a specific room, a mirror can have a huge impact. The best part is that a mirror is both functional and decorative. So you get true bang-for-your-buck when you invest in a high-quality mirror.

It only takes a little reflection to realise how essential mirrors are in interior design

Got a teensy-weensy living area at home? Here's where mirrors come to the rescue! Mirrors are like magicians, conjuring up the illusion of more space, even if you're living in a cozy little nook.

With the right mirror and the best placement, you can make even the tiniest room seem that much bigger with a tall, standing mirror, or even a floor-to-ceiling mirror. Not only this, but a mirror can also add tons of depth to a room. A great tip is to hang your mirror on the wall opposite a window to create this illusion.

Being able to see yourself is one of the most fundamental aspects of fashion, and Andrea has worked with clients in the fashion world too, whether it’s using mirrors in dressing rooms, catwalks or product launches. They can also be extremely useful rehabilitation aids in therapeutic settings, allowing people to watch their own progress on the path to recovery.

As well as their fixed floor-to-ceiling mirrors, her company Mirrors for Training offers a portable mirror solution that is hugely popular with performing arts and fitness. These portable products are particularly necessary where permanent wall mirrors are not possible.


And it couldn’t be easier. “They roll out of our delivery vehicles and straight into the venue or studio, so they can be used immediately,” says Andrea. “There’s no assembly, and no time wasted – and the mirrors are strong and built to last for decades.”

The wheeled mirrors can be easily moved around, including for use outdoors. The portable mirrors are 193cm tall and 125cm wide – designed to fit through standard doorways. They come with locking wheels to secure them in place and are safety backed, making them suitable for all ages. The portable mirrors can easily convert any room into a multi-functional studio or professional training area.

“The mirrors are designed to stack together, so minimal storage is required when they’re not in use,” Andrea adds. “This makes them a really popular solution in places like schools, where space is premium.”


Those who are looking for mirrors on a one-off basis can take advantage of Mirrors for Training’s mirror hire services. “We hire these portable mirrors out to TV and production companies as well as for dance and theatre events,” Andrea says. “They are a simple, low-cost solution to almost any need.”

Mirrors for Training does not limit itself in the services and sectors it provides. But in the world of theatre and dance, what the company offers is simple and essential: the chance to see yourself become the artist you want to be.

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Mirror Walls

Mirror Walls - In Your Homes, Bedrooms, Living Areas, Dining Rooms, Bathrooms 

Mirror Walls - In Your Business, Reception Areas, Display, Car Showroom, Bars, Restaurants

Mirror Walls - In Your Training, Perfect your Posture Position Perfect for Performing Arts and Gyms


No Job Too Small, or Too Big 

Floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls definitely punctuate a space, but keeping the mirrors at a half-wall capacity can be equally alluring, also have you thought of the reflective power of mirrors that meet at the corner?


Speaking of reflective power, when there’s a stunning view right outside the window, mirrors are an obvious choice.  By adding a mirrored wall that brings the beauty of outdoors inside your home.


For an extra dose of boldness in your sleeping space, try adding mirrors to the wall behind the bed. The reflective backdrop will dramatically set the stage for your bed and nightstands

MirrorWall provide reliable, effective and innovative mirrored solutions to a spectrum of spaces.

With a reputation for the highest level of support  we offer the following:​

  • Bespoke Solutions tailored to your requirements

  • Delivery throughout the UK

  • Dedicated to quality and service

  • Prompt personal attention to all clients


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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